What Is A Fine Wine?

Fine wine...Together these words evoke a perception of something wealthy gentlemen swirl in their glasses during lunch at the exclusive Thursday Club. Thankfully, for many of us, fine wine is much more than that. From the earth to what’s inside the bottle, it’s the unbound connection between the terroir and the winemaker’s true intention. With each and every decision is the difference between a simple, easy drinking wine and a dynamic wine that offers an experience one never forgets... Whether you're collecting or investing in fine wine, we are here to help you broaden your understanding the challenging world of wine.

What elements are needed to produce a fine wine?

It all begins in the vineyard. As quality can never come from poorly fruit, fine wine requires the immense expertise and passion of the vigneron to employ beneficial methods throughout the growing season. Based on the region’s climate and soil structure, it’s the vigneron’s responsibility to not only promote the health of soils and vines but also the surrounding ecosystem. Then once harvest has begun, the winemaker is faced with the next series of complex decisions from yeast to skin contact and fermentation vessels to aging regimen. With the aim of producing a seamless expression of its natural attributes, the winemaker strives to achieve this with as few of their fingerprints on the wine as possible. 

It is only when all of these elements are in harmony that a truly fine wine is achieved. In no way confined to the high-priced and the elite, this can be achieved all over the world from zesty German Rieslings to plush Malbecs from Mendoza. To be a wine fine, there must be a synergy of acidity, fruit purity, structure, depth, overall complexity, and length of its finish. But most importantly, all of the wine’s finest components must be in balance with each other. It is this matrimony that gives a fine wine its sense of place and the talented people who created it.

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