The Douro River - A Timeless Destination

Originating in the heart of Castillo y Leon in Spain and cutting across northern Portugal, the Douro River is a timeless destination attracting visitors from around the world year on year. This picturesque river passes through one of the oldest, steeped terrace wine regions in the world that has been a USESCO world heritage site since 2001.

Often mistaken for being directly from Porto, Port grapes are grown in the Douro Valley and then transported downriver. With no natural fertile growing soil in the region, the land and rocks here had to be manually broken up to create the beautiful terraced vineyards that we know and love today; the outcome of years of hard work and labour. Each autumn, the Portuguese wine region of Douro comes alive as people flock to the vineyards for harvest.

Whilst the region is renowned for its famous fortified wine, Port, it also make equal amounts of table wine, typically referred to as Douro wines.

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