Singing To The Vines

It may not surprise you to see a pregnant woman playing music to her unborn child, but how about playing Mozart to a vineyard? 

Speaker standing in a vineyard

The so-called “Mozart effect” is favoured at Il Paradiso di Frassina estate in Tuscany. Located 5km from the north of Montalcino, this ancient medieval farm dates back to the 11th Century.

Not designed to amaze visitors, but to genuinely benefit the vines, Giancarlo Cignozzi started to experiment with this method as a world’s first in 2000. Based on serious agronomic and scientific research concerning the benefits of musical frequencies on the vines, Giancarlo has seen that his vines are more robust, and grapes closer to the speaker have a higher concentration of sugar.

Supported by the local universities, the effects of the soundwaves on parasites, mould, bacteria, and predators to wine grapes in the area are also being studied.

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