Seasonal Pairings With Cherries

Summer is now in full swing and along with it, an array of fresh veg and seasonal fruits! One of our favourites at this time of year are cherries; perfect when it comes to pairing wine with food because of their bold and sour-sweet flavours.

July is harvest time for cherries, so head down to your local farmers’ market or grocers and pick up a fresh punnet of these little stone fruits. To prove how versatile cherries are, we have created a delicious three-course menu with wine pairings to inspire your next dinner party.


Salads are always the perfect accompaniment for a New Zealand pinot noir such as the 2016 Crimson from Ata Rangi. Pair this pinot noir with a rocket and Parma ham salad topped with mozzarella and a cherry dressing. The subtly delicate cherry flavour in the wine matches the freshness of the cherry dressing; ideal to open a meal with. 


If you’re feeling more adventurous, then try matching cherries with pork chops and pair with a medium bodied wine like an Italian Nebbiolo, we highly recommend the 2017 Langhe Nebbiolo from G.D. Vajra. The acidity of the cherries works hand in hand with the fattiness of the meat, and the spicy flavours in the wine add to the deliciously overwhelming taste on the palate.

Cherry pie on a plate


For dessert, make a simple cherry pie and surprise guests with a sparkling wine pairing of the 2014 Romance Premier Cru rose from Roger Brun. Due to its predominantly Pinot Noir base, this Champagne provides a high concentration of deep red fruits with a smooth texture, a great way to cap off any dinner.

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