Interview With Burgundy Expert Ronan Sayburn MS

We sat down with Burgundy wine expert, Ronan Sayburn, and got to know him a little better. Read the full interview below:


What is your fondest memory involving wine?

My father used to make wine, from fruit, not grapes. One corner of our kitchen was always dedicated to a dozen glass demi-johns of fermenting liquid. I never drank them but was fascinated with the procedure behind their making.

What drew you to the wine region of Burgundy specifically?

The deep history and complexity of the region. It is a single slope that has been studied for centuries whose wines can offer different expressions of the same grape variety in a multitude of ways.
What is a Burgundy wine that you think everyone should try in their lifetime and why?

A Grand Cru, perhaps Clos de Tart from Morey St Denis. Grand Crus offer the ultimate expression of Pinot Noir or Chardonnay. They should be subtle and delicate while being powerful and rich. 
What is your biggest achievement to date?

Passing my Master Sommelier exam in 2005.
Do you have any advice for individuals starting to learn about wine?

Start with the basics of tasting and try a broad range of wines while learning about the grape varieties and regions.
Is there anything in the wine world that is often misunderstood?

Serving temperatures. Fridge temperature at 5 degrees is usually far to cold and room temperature, with modern central heating is often far to warm at 24 degrees.
Other than wine, what is your go to drink?

I am from Yorkshire so it would have to be beer.


Ronan Sayburn
Elicité Burgundy Expert

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