Champagne Dom Perignon and the Meaning of Plénitude

Dom Perignon Champagne is a name so beloved by enthusiasts that it has become synonymous with luxury. And with the unveiling of its newest Plénitude release - Dom Perignon P2 2002Moët & Chandon’s most prestigious brand brings new life to yet another one of its coveted vintages.

What defines a Plénitude?

For Dom Perignon, Plénitude isn’t just a reference to how a Champagne ages, but how it evolves. The first release of any Dom Perignon Champagne is between 6-8 years after the vintage while the second will be roughly a decade after that. Referred to as ‘P2’, this later release or second plénitude showcases the wine’s dynamic evolution and marks the pivotal stage of development where all of its stars have realigned for our drinking pleasure. And that vintage will eventually go on to its third plénitude, ‘P3’, at the moment of its final peak in complexity and concentration. 

Former Dom Perignon cellar master Richard Geoffroy, who handed over the reigns to Vincent Chaperon this year, believes that the Champagne’s elongated contact with its lees is not something that evolves linearly, but in “windows of opportunity.” It is at these moments of plénitude when the wines are disgorged and reintroduced to the world. Extended contact with a wine’s lees is true to the Dom Perignon style, and with the Plénitude series these celebrated vintages offer a new wave of vitality and depth in the glass. 

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