Quick Advice For Pairing Wine With Your BBQ

Whilst wine may not always be the obvious choice when planning a BBQ, it can always be the perfect accompaniment to any of your smoky dishes, you just need to know which wine!

BBQ Food Pairing

For chicken, try a Chardonnay. Whether you are adding a sauce, marinating, or simply roasting it over the flames, chicken is a versatile meat that pairs excellently with the rich, buttery characteristics of a great Chardonnay. You can also play to its creamy sweetness by pairing the chicken and wine with some grilled corn on the cob. 

If you are more partial to a burger or spare rib then a full-bodied, bold red will do the trick! A spicy, peppery Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot with robust flavours will stand up to the meat whilst complementing its juicy flavours. 

Vegetarian options like pepper and onion kebabs favour a full-bodied wine with black pepper and dark fruit aromas. Wines that can mirror the smokiness of the BBQ, whilst still offering freshness like a textured Shiraz will balance the dish beautifully.

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